Holland Players Star In Baffling ‘Happy Birdies’ Euro 2012 Promo (Video)

By Chris Wright

Just before every major tournament, supermarkets in Holland go big in giving away little Oranje doodads to customers who buy their body weight in groceries (read: crates of beer), e.g, it all started with ‘Wuppies’ in 2006, before the whole nation became bunged up with these fuzzy little critters ahead of the 2010 World Cup – it’s a tradition that is slowly driving the Dutch insane.

This year it would appear that adhesive ‘Happy-go-Lucky Birdies’ are the things to have, and the Dutch national team – including Nigel de Jong in his first starring role – have backed supermarket chain C1000 in their bid to send an entire nation loopy with a suitably baffling promo video set to ‘The Birdy Song’ (what else?) but with rap and opera interludes…