Rafael Van Der Vaart Practises Golf Swing By Whacking Balls At Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s Face (Video)

Chris Wright

28th, May 2012


By Chris Wright

It’s fairly common knowledge that Rafael van der Vaart and Zlatan Ibrahimovic despise each other, stemming back from an incident years ago during an international friendly in 2004 where the latter went through the former with a horrendous tackle that left the pair teetering dangerously on becoming ‘mortal enemies’ – with Zlatan even once going on record as saying he ‘wished he’d broken Van der Vaart’s legs.’ All a bit petty really.

Aaaaanyway, every so often one of the pair will rake over the embers and stoke the hostilities again, and this time it’s the Dutchman – who, while being coached on his golf swing, used a picture of Zlatan’s face (which he presumably had to take from his dartboard) to help improve his tenacity and accuracy…

Children, the pair of them.