Andriy Voronin Does A ‘Voronin’, Farts Open Goal Over Crossbar vs Estonia (Video)

By Chris Wright

This’ll be all-too familiar to those of a Liverpool persuasion out there, once-ponytailed lummox Andriy Voronin farting a ‘gimme’ of an open goal over the crossbar from all of six yards – or ‘doing a Voronin’ as it’s now become known – during Ukraine’s 4-0 friendly spanking of Estonia last night…

He both looks and plays like a Soviet U-boat Captain. Memories, such sweet, sweet memories…

Video: 101GG

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  1. Clarketa says:

    to be fair to the lad he did score this screamer on what i think was his debut, if my memory serves me correctly

  2. genius says:

    voronin ftw!

  3. usrick says:

    Pretty ugly, but the goal would have been disallowed anyway as he was offside.

  4. Peter says:

    He scored in this game as well you know.

  5. Toz says:

    Pies teaches many valuable lessons like stay away from players with ponytails (especially if you’re Liverpool).

  6. Glenn says:

    Not only was he offside, but he prevented an onside player from putting in the rebound

  7. Andy Carroll's Ponytail says:

    Pies, I’m a long time fan of yours but I must say I’m totally disgusted by this article and in particular your putting down of a man who has always tried his hardest no matter the circumstances!

    I demand an apology on behalf of all U-boat Captains!

    • Chris says:

      @Andy Carroll’s Ponytail: It is with deepest regret that we offer our sincerest apologies to the U-Boat captains of the world, both past and present. Having been temporarily blinded by the sheer ungodly incompetence on display, we failed to see that the comparisons we drew were unfair and hurtful. ‘Voronin’ is a widely-used term of endearment where Pies come from, though we now realise that no-one should ever be subjected to that kind of abuse in such a direct manner.

      We are printing up the t-shirts as we speak.

  8. adhikapp says:

    he also has a worse international record than heskey. wow.

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