Mario Mandzukic Knocks Giovanni Trapattoni On His 73-Year Old Derriere (Video)

Chris Wright

11th, June 2012


By Chris Wright

Mario Mandzukic did the lion’s share of reducing the Republic of Ireland to a pile of sticky green goo last night, scoring an outrageous ‘down on one knee’ header to open the scoring after a couple of minutes before forcing Shay Given into conceding an incredibly cruel own-goal to finish off the scoring in the second half.

Satisfied that his work on the pitch was done, the Wolfsburg forward then set about ravaging Ireland’s staff – starting at the top by wiping out 73-year old Giovanni Trapattoni with a flying, rolling spear tackle…

Thankfully, Trap’s a sturdy old steed and was up on his feet immediately. He’s not one to just fold like a weak empty plastic bottle…

Never gets old.