Kaka Stars In Bizarre Dream Sequence On Brazilian Soap – Eats Hot Dog, Plays Air Guitar At Bus Stop (Video)

Chris Wright

18th, June 2012


By Chris Wright

Most professional footballers idle away their off-seasons by putting the finishing touches to their tattoo sleeves and swapping STDs like Panini stickers with models on yachts off the French Riveira, but not Kaka. Oh no.

Brazil’s baddest Jesus-lovin’ mutha has been busying himself by starring in dream sequences on Brazilian soap operas, where he’s been typecast as a leather jacket-wearing hoodlum who sticks it to the man by eating hot dogs and playing air guitar at bus stops (skip to 0:40)…

You know it’s a dream sequence because Kaka would definitely have eaten that messy ol’ hot dog with a knife and fork in reality.

Bad boy Kaka says…

“Hey caralho. You know what raw Rottweiler tastes like? I do.”

Video: Dirty Tackle