Something Strange Is Going On At Spain Training (Video)

Chris Wright

20th, June 2012


By Chris Wright

Served with a side portion of WTF and a light drizzling of ‘eh?’-infused olive oil, here’s footage from Spain’s training session this morning…


Via BBC Sport

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  1. jayjay says:


  2. Luke says:

    Did you just embed a BBC video? Internet skills +1

  3. WhoLoves SAWKER?! says:

    There’s nothing strange about this, every team I’ve ever played for has warmed up in training like this on a post game training session. Makes training a lot less stressful and builds camaraderie. Hats off to the Spanish for instilling some joy into their sessions. I think I can hear the muffled sounds of cracked whips coming from the Ukrainian camp. oh wait.

  4. jayjay says:

    Right….am off to play Touch Rugby at me local Rugby club….If it’s good enough for this quality team it’s good enough for me!

  5. SirAlex says:

    that looks like its funny playing Tag with a partner

  6. John says:

    More like “Ring around the rosie.”

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