Brazilian Linesman Gets Ideas Above Station, Goes Doolally With Spray Paint (Video)

Chris Wright

21st, June 2012


By Chris Wright

Why it was ever considered a good idea is beyond us, but down Brazil way the linesmen come equipped with a little can of temporary spray paint to mark the pitch in the event of of a foul. The paint is most commonly used to mark out ‘yards’ on the turf so players have a clear indication as to where the wall should line up if a free-kick is given, as counting out ten strides is obviously considered a bit ‘old hat’.

The problem being that this new trinket has given a few of the linesfolk delusions of granduer, with many encroaching onto the pitch at every possible opportunity to daub their scrawlings hither and thither – like this plank, who burst onto the field during the final seconds of the Copa Libertadores semi-final second leg between Santos and Corinthians and attempted to paint an entire full ten-yard circle around the free-kick, only to make a right bloody pig’s ear of it…

Someone take that paint off him. Please. For the sake of the game.

Video: 101GG

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  1. plops says:

    Imagine the mess where Drogba is playing. It’d look like vapour trails at Heathrow.

    How does it work, does it just fade? Or wears off as people run/slide over it etc?

    On a side note, I was thinking the other day about when players slide or fall over on the pitch. Imagine all the spit they must collect. -___-

  2. Graham says:

    The referees for MLS all have the spray cans as well, but they don’t use them as flagrantly (or poorly, to be frank) as that fella there..

    Oh, and the ‘paint’ (I believe it’s some sort of foam, actually) gradually dissipates.

  3. usrick says:

    Looking at the video, it seems to me the headline and the commentary are unfair to the linesman (to use the preferable old-fashioned name). He came out quickly and painted a line between the free kick location and the goal, the returned quickly to his position. The business of painting most of a circle resulted from infringement defending players not between the ball and the goal, and seemed to result from instructions of the referee. It looks to me like the man is just doing his job.

  4. bruv says:

    yeah, was at a game in brazil last year and loved the spray… it disappears after a minute or two and means that free kicks are always taken from where the ref says and no encroaching from wall… very straightforward compared to the messing u see going on in europe

    linesman getting involved also good to see… they’re usually spectators unless offside concerned… and don’t get me started on those goal-line officials

  5. Eckpfosten says:

    This spray thing is still the best invention in football since decades. On the other side, we are talking about FIFA Inventions…

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