Euro 2012: Spain 2-0 France – Two-Goal Xabi A Happy Chappy As Spain Outplay Blanc’s Bland Bleus (Photos & Highlights)

Alan Duffy

24th, June 2012


By Alan Duffy

After showing signs against England that they could be real contenders for Euro 2012, France went out with an almighty whimper against Spain on Saturday night.

Laurent Blanc started with right-back Mathieu Debuchy on the right side of midfield (with Anthony Reveillere talking the gifted full-back’s place in defence), a tactical decision that told us all we needed to know about how Les Bleus would approach this fixture. However, it only took 19 minutes for Spain to breach the French defence, with Xabi Alonso heading home after both Debuchy and Reveillere failed to stop Jordi Alba getting in a decent cross (but where were Gael Clichy and Florent Malouda!!??).

Despite going a goal down, France struggled to get going in what was a rather disappointing game.  Indeed, it took Blanc until the 79th minute to throw Olivier Giroud into the game, something he should have done much much earlier. But ultimately, it would be the Spanish who would score again, with Alonso netting his second of the game on 90 minutes, this time from the penalty spot.

Spain march on, but don’t look quite the unstoppable force of previous tournaments. As for France, professional gobshite  Samir Nasri needs to be shown the door, Karim Benzema needs to be played in a more withdrawn role behind Giroud, and Gael Clichy needs to learn how to defend. Only then, in my hugely educated and knowledgeable opinion, will Les Bleus rise again.


Highlights to follow…

Photos: PA

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  1. JuanosDios says:

    It’s amazing how defeated the opposition, managers included, are before they even take the pitch against Spain. Most of these players are champions and have expected to win every game they’ve played their entire life. Why force them to concede so much to Spain from the outset? Why tell them they need to be perfect just to compete? When your entire strategy is based on fear, you’re doomed from the start, and there’s no way a lack of belief, coming straight from the top like that can pull off an upset. Maybe they’re just the best ever. Or maybe someone should actually challenge them and find out.

  2. alex says:

    I’d say Spain are an effective team albeit a soul destroying one, they simply wont let other teams have the ball, which I know sounds childish, but they take the spectacle out of the game, much like Stoke, both get results but are ugly in their methods.

    Watching spain for the last few years has been like watching a team take the ball to the corner flag for the full 90 minutes. I prefer germany, they had 60 percent possession against greece but they did something with it in a thrilling game.

  3. Nuno says:

    I was really surprised with France’s negative attitude, really thought they would at least be a bit offensive, especially after Italy’s positive attitude against Spain in the first game made them actually have a good chance of winning. One would thought other teams would’ve watched that game, but apparently sitting with 10 men just in front of your area seemed like a better idea.

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