Eddie Johnson Celebrates Seattle Sounders’ Cup Win By Taunting San Jose Bench, Slaps Angry Sub Across Face (Video)

Alan Duffy

27th, June 2012


By Alan Duffy

Fight! Fight! Fight! Well, at least one punch/slap/shove/prod (you decide) was thrown at the end of a US Open Cup game between San Jose Earthquakes and Seattle Sounders in San Francisco. The proud owner of said ‘assault’ was none other than former Fulham attacker, Eddie Johnson, who, at the final whistle runs over to taunt the losing San Jose bench. He then appears to strike one of the San Jose subs before a bit of a hoo-haa ensues.

The incident starts at around 54:00 down in the bottom left corner. Enjoy…

While he clearly acted like a toolbag, it’s still uncertain just how aggressive Johnson’s slap/shove was – though the recipient, San Jose’s Jed Zayner, told the press after the game: “To have a guy who’s played on the national team and is supposedly a professional celebrate in front of our bench, which is wrong, and then to hit me. It’s unbelievable.”

Teammate Chris Wondolowski also backed Zayner’s story up: “Eddie Johnson was celebrating in front of our bench and yelling at our fans, and Jed told him just go do it over on his side. And he took a swing and hit Jed in the eye.”

We imagine a large fine and matching suspension may be in the post and on the way over to the Johnson household this morning.

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  1. PC10DaTruth says:

    …It looked like Zayner tried to push Johnson away, didn’t expect Johnson to push back. Went down like a bag of dog feces. Seem like its a problem in football now-a-days. I’m going to collapse and roll like I’ve been shot, usually happens during the game not after!

  2. Matt says:

    EJ also through a nice elbow in a league game Saturday which will likely draw a suspension. Must be hard living with all that squandered potential.

  3. xsci says:

    I was at the game and the incident happened right in front of me. Zayner leaned in towards Johnson and said something to him, and Johnson immediately sucker punched him, hard. It was no dive at all. EJ needs to be fined and suspended.

  4. Toz says:

    Commentary is awful.

  5. charlie ronson says:

    @toz simple but class! well put!

  6. soundersfan says:

    Matts wrong. EJ was elbowed in the game on Saturday, the guy who elbowed him was red carded. As for the punch, its pretty clear Zayner ran up and shoved him, and EJ slapped him for his troubles. Got what he deserved. Also the stream was so bad you couldn’t watch the first 35 min of the game. Good job Silicon Valley.

  7. dogley says:

    ahhhh, that was a lean? obviously he leaned too hard and needed to hold on to eddie to keep himself up. then eddie was just trying to ‘lean’ him back up like thegood samaritan is when unfortunately, zayner was shot by a sniper at the exact same time eddie touched him.

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