Team GB Play First Game Against Mexico Behind Closed Doors, It Doesn’t Go Well (Video)

Chris Wright

17th, July 2012


By Chris Wright

Not that you were supposed to know, but Team GB played their first game together on Sunday afternoon in a sneaky, behind-closed-doors friendly against Mexico’s U23 squad at the new bells and whistles national team base in Burton, St. George’s Park – with all three of Stuart Pearce’s over-age players (Giggs, Bellamy and Richards) getting a run out.

The game, which was played over three 30-minute periods for some reason, was Team GB’s first ‘competitive’ fixture together and it didn’t go overly well, with Marco Fabian of Chivas scoring the only goal of the game in a 0-1 defeat and, if these highlights are in any way representative, it looks like Mexico dominated most of the proceedings while GB floundered around at the back…

Some world class pronunciation from our Mexican host right there.

Next up for Team GB is a warm-up game against Brazil’s London 2012 squad at the Riverside Stadium this coming Friday evening – a match that will be broadcast live on the BBC for all those who wish to see Neymar, Hulk et al running rampant over a nation’s Olympic hopefuls.

Video: 101GG