Sami Khedira Shows Exquisite Technique, Scores With Face vs Santos Laguna (Video)

Chris Wright

6th, August 2012


By Chris Wright

Real Madrid beat Santos Laguna 2-1 in the World Football Challenge (?) last night and Sami Khedira’s second-half winner was a thing of true beauty fluke, with the Santos Laguna ‘keeper parrying Karim Benzema’s shot directly off Khedira’s face from point-blank range and back into the goal…

While we’re on the subject, it’s worth having a look at Xabi Alonso’s opening goal, with the flame-bearded stalwart pinging an absolute beaut in first-time from 30-odd yards – a shot so precise it managed to locate the ball-sized space-time portal in the corner of Santos Laguna’s net…

How about that?