‘He’s The Worst, Arrogant, Ignorant Athlete I’ve Ever Seen’ – Paolo Di Canio Hauls Swindon Keeper Wes Foderingham Off After 21 Naff Mins vs Preston (Video)

Chris Wright

3rd, September 2012


By Chris Wright

After conceding two goals in quick succession during the opening exchanges of their League One game against Preston (the first stemming from a botched clearance), an irate Paolo Di Canio took the express decision to substitute Swindon ‘keeper Wes Foderingham off after just 20 short minutes.

Di Canio ranted after the game:

“He was one of the worst players I have ever seen. He’s another player like the others, why can’t we change the goalkeeper? Because the goalkeeper has a different coloured shirt?

“I know Wes, he was the worst player against Stoke in the cup – he was far away the worst player, he made a rubbish performance. But I covered for him because we won 4-3.

“But what he did was not only the mistake, which can happen to anyone, but the arrogance when he started moaning to the other players – that was the worst thing for me.

“A player that doesn’t recognise his mistakes which were clear from miles away, he started moaning to his team-mates. Out there he behaved as the worst professional, arrogant, ignorant athlete I have ever seen.

“And if he doesn’t come out and apologise to the fans, to the professionals in general, he is out from my team.”

Man-management +1. Bless his little insane fascist heart.

P.S: For the record, Swindon went on to lose 4-1, with ‘worst professional ever’ Foderingham’s replacement, Leigh Bedwell, also conceding twice. Make of that what thou wilt.

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  1. MaC says:

    Defense looks rock-solid, so he is 100% right!

  2. Anon says:

    As a Swindon fan I am becoming increasingly concerned that Di Canio is starting to lose the plot and resemble a tyrannical despot. I did not see either of the last two games but Foderingham has been immense for us. Probably our strongest player. Yet Paulo is doing his best to completely alienate him. There is no need for him to state this publicly. By all means have a word with him one to one if he thinks his attitude needs to improve, but he has now made saying sorry tantamount to conceding he is ‘the worst professional ever’. I am very grateful for everything Paulo has achieved at Swindon (@MaC we have one of the best defensive records in the football league),but having already lost Caddis (another of our strongest players from last season) to Paulo’s fascist antics, I just think he might need to reevaluate his approach to man-management. Although he almost certainly won’t.

  3. Benito says:

    My favorite fascist of all time!

  4. Herman says:

    Swindon should sack the facist Di Canio.

  5. gilbert says:

    paulo di canio is an anagram of ‘Ciao, old piano.’

  6. Get it right Gil says:

    Ciao, u old piano, FFS.

  7. David says:

    Paolo never threw a strop in his life right? Still, he has a point about that goalkeeper, he’s not very good.
    A little tact wouldn’t hurt though…..

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