Retro Football: Young Jan Vertonghen Attempts Fair Play, Scores Accidental 60-Yard Wonder Goal, 2006 (Video)

Chris Wright

13th, September 2012


By Chris Wright

In which a young (as in ‘technically younger than he is right now’) Jan Vertonghen, aged 19 and of Ajax, attempts to do the decent thing and play a sporting ball back to the SC Cambuur ‘keeper from the touchline following a stoppage in play – only to accidentally hoof one into the top corner from 50+ yards away…

“Sorry! My mistake!”

Cheers to Pies fan Rich Marley for the tip-off.

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  1. Mokum says:

    Jan Vertonghen later admitted that he intended it, and even told a colleague he was gonna score there. Amsterdamse bluf from a Belgian.

  2. usrick says:

    You should have mentioned how, on the kickoff, the Ajax players stood aside to let the opponent score in return. Extraordinary sportsmanship.

  3. Well done on the Ajax players afterwards. It’s clear he didn’t mean that at all, but awesome strike lol

  4. ElGrande says:

    Should he really mention that? Watch the video. And Ajax isn’t normally known for its “extraordinary sportmanship”.

    Furthermore, I think this is the normal thing to do

  5. Anonymous says:

    If that were to happen against Arsenal I doubt he would be do sporting as to let th scum score from kick off

  6. Jarren says:

    Yes, there are players in this football game. They play football.

    Do I get two highlighted links to university degree courses now?


  7. Kevin says:

    He once said in an interview:

    “The moment before I kicked the ball, I joked to the guy who threw in ‘Watch this I’m going to score'”

    But he never ever would think that he could :)

  8. schabe says:

    I must say… you thank somebody for the tip-off but this very same website posted this video back when it happened in 2006! Well when it was (or I believe it was) in the run up to the 2006 World Cup.

    Embarrassing to say, I’ve been reading this site for a while now…

  9. Skeletor says:

    Not allowed to happen now under Law changes, would be a Goal kick, cracking strike though..

  10. Oliver says:

    I think goals like that should count, 99% of the time it would be the keeper’s fault anyway.

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