Ronaldo Signs Up For Brazilian ‘Celebrity Fit Club’, Weighs In At Hefty 118kg (Video)

Chris Wright

26th, September 2012


By Chris Wright

In a bid to shift some of the flab and a couple of the chins he’s acquired since knocking his playing career on the head once and for all, Ronaldo has signed up to appear on the latest series of the Brazilian equivalent of ‘Celebrity Fit Club’ – weighing in at an impressive 118kg (that’s around 261 pounds for our antiquated imperial American readers).

Ronaldo told iG Gente:

“I’m enjoying participating in the program, because it is an incentive for me to lose weight.

“Maybe if I didn’t have the pressure of everybody watching me trying to lose weight then I wouldn’t be able to do it.

“All I can say is that I will work hard, be persistent and not give up until I reach my recommended weight. I want people to be inspired by me.”

Now, Pies are certainly not one’s too talk in the ‘Fatty Boom Boom’ department, seeing as though we seem to resemble a partially deflated bouncy castle these days, so good on Ronaldo for wanting to reclaim some of his athleticism.

Apparently he’s signed up for the TV show it in order to shape up for one of Zinedine Zidane’s charity games in a couple of months, so all the best to him on that front.

Here’s all ten minutes of the Big Man’s weigh-in if you’re interested…

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  1. Cajark says:

    Would prefer him to do all this weight loss thingy in a private manner, but nevertheless what a legend he is…

  2. plops says:

    Kg?! Pounds?! I don’t understand this nonsense, whatever happened to measuring weight in stone?! Shit the bed, it’s 18.6 stone, what a fatty!

    He doesn’t look as repulsive as most fat people do though, maybe because his features haven’t disappeared into a fat pillow face yet and he can still manage a smile.

  3. […] with his weight during the latter stages of his career, Ronaldo took part in a Brazilian ‘Celebrity Fit Club‘ kind of deal to try and shift a bit of blubber, starting his new regime in September of last […]

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