Nott’m Forest’s Billy Sharp Celebrates Goal By Taking Bite Out Of Fan’s Hotdog, Tweets That He Owes Them £5 (Video)

Chris Wright

24th, October 2012


By Chris Wright

Billy Sharp scored his second goal on the bounce for Nottingham Forest last night, opening the scoring at Blackpool and celebrating by charging over to the travelling fans at Bloomfield Road where he was duly presented with a congratulatory hotdog.

Possibly against the advice of Forest’s team of dieticians and nutrionists, Sharp took a bite of the fans’ sauce-slathered, mechanically-recovered pork(ish) tube and chucked it back in roughly the direction from whence it came.

Being the good egg-type, Sharp was then immediately beset by guilt, Tweeting an apology after the game and promising to reimburse the supporter with a crisp fiver if he got in touch…

And so, the supporter in question is now faced with a tricky ethical dilemma: Come forward and claim the £5 for a half-inched hotdog or sell his scandalous ‘Billy Sharp Ate My Hotdog’ story to the tabloids for mega bucks.

What’s a po’ boy to do?

(Via Forest Forum)

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  1. Australien says:

    Wait til end of season if Forest goes up or not naturally ;)

  2. JayJay says:

    Nice touch by Sharpie on the Twitter. Love off the cuff unique celebrations like these. The NFL’s ones are good also I seem to remember.

  3. JP says:


    Absolutely spot-on mate, the NFL has some pretty ridiculous celebrations at times…but the giant issue being, the commissioner will fine said people gutless amounts of money when they do it!!

  4. JP says:


    Here in the states, the acronym of NFL stands for the “No Fun League” due to the tyrannous manner in which the league is run…as an AVID footy fan in the USA who constantly has to make due with popularity of Throwball, I can only imagine how much money leagues would make if the NFL’s commissioner governed any domestic league in Europe/South America..

  5. NF says:

    Gotta love Billy. Shame he isn’t with the mighty Saints this season (although we do have a million other strikers).

  6. Jarren says:

    Five quid for a hotdog?


    Does the bloke use prize pigs? Does he prepare the ketchup & mustard from scratch? Does the bake the frigging baps himself?


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