Miss of the Season? Real Betis striker Dani versus open goal (with video evidence)

Ollie Irish

18th, January 2010


By Ollie Irish

What’s the Spanish for “Please direct me to the nearest tall building and I will jump off it, head first”? I don’t know, but anyway, please sit back and enjoy Dani’s humiliating miss, which happened against Salamanca on Saturday in Spain’s second division:


Now we have all seen misses from much closer range than this, but given that the ball was moving at a pace best described as ‘Jan Molbyesque’, Senor Dani really should have had no trouble finding the middle of the goal.

In in the player’s defence, you could argue that the ball kicked up off the turf just as he was about to stroke it home. The Phantom Bobble, we call it.

Happily for Dani, his side went on to win 1-0, so no major damage was done – though he may have nightmares about it for the next few weeks.

Spotter’s badge: Unprofessional Foul