Tiziano Crudeli Is The Greatest Football Commentator In The World

Ollie Irish

20th, January 2010


A couple of months ago, Pies discovered Tiziano Crudeli, an Italian football commentator/pundit/journalist/mentalist who supports Milan and makes no secret of it.

Crudeli is the least neutral man on the planet. His emotional support of his beloved Rossoneri is a thrilling and joyful thing. Here he is celebrating Milan’s recent 3-0 win over great rivals Juventus (he’s the guy on the left, in the grey hat):

Beyond wonderful. He must have two hearts – one for normal stuff (drinking double espressos, arguing loudly with other old men in piazzas, making love to 25-year-olds) and one to cope with how excited he gets whilst watching Milan.

You want more? Of course you do. Here’s T-Crud enjoying a Milan win over Manchester United in the Champions League:

Yes, I think we’re all agreed that he’s The Greatest Football Commentator In The World. No contest.

You want more? I knew it. Finally, here’s what Tiziano looks like when Milan don’t win (in this case, they gave up a 2-0 lead over Napoli):

As you’d expect, he looks like a man who just found out his wife left him for Silvio Berlusconi.