Italian Club Fined €10,000 After Club President Hurls Insults At Referee Over PA System

Chris Wright

16th, January 2013

By Chris Wright

Italian fourth division side Nuovo Campobasso have been fined €10,000 by the Italian Court of League Professionals after their club president, one Ferruccio Capone, used the stadium PA system to barrack a referee during a recent game.

Having seen one of his players handed a second yellow card during the latter stages of Campobasso’s 2-2 draw with Arzanese, an irate Capone stormed from his executive seats and into the announcer’s kiosk at their stadium and proceeded to broadcast his ire over the loudspeaker – audible at the 3:10 mark on the video above – hurling abuse and insults at referee Gioviani di Grosseto.

Apparently Capone wasn’t finished there either, as he continued to reiterate his insults and threats to the referee after the match and even as the official was attempting to leave the stadium. Di Grosseto was then escorted by the police to his car to avoid an altercation with the manic Campobasso president.

That’s one expensive hissy fit!

(Via Sky Italia)

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