The Case For Video Technology In Football, No.3,468: Egypt Score Phantom Goal Vs Cameroon In African Cup Of Nations

Ollie Irish

26th, January 2010


By Ollie Irish

Egypt would almost certainly have beaten Cameroon in their ACN quarter-final without the help of an officiating f**k-up, but Ahmed Hassan’s free-kick, which made the score 3-1 to the holders, was NOT a goal, clearly:

Terrible decision – imagine the fallout if the score had been 1-1 at the time. Add this to the bulging file marked “The Case For Video Technology In Football”. A quick referral to a video referee and less than a minute later, the right decision would have been made. Simples, no?

Anyway, Egypt are through to the semis, and – to be fair – deservedly so, while Eto’o’s Cameroon are out. Egypt now face arch rivals Algeria – that will be explosive (if that’s not a fate-tempting adjective) – whilst the other semi sees another grudge match, in the form of Ghana vs Nigeria. I call a Nigeria v Egypt final.

Photos of the Egypt v Cameroon game:


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Samuel Eto'o (left) and Alexandre Song (centre) of Cameroon battle Ahmed Fathi of Egypt