So Sad: Paul Gascoigne’s Heartbreaking Charity Appearance Shows A Man Unraveling (Video)

Chris Wright

4th, February 2013


By Chris Wright

Here it is: Paul Gascoigne’s addled, mumbling, clearly drunken appearance at a charity event in Northampton on Thursday that spurred his poor beleaguered agent, Terry Baker, into appearing on Five Live and telling anyone who’d listen that Gazza needs “immediate help” after hitting the booze again over Christmas.

We haven’t watched it and we don’t want to watch it…

How sad. Pitiful and pathetic in the truest sense of the words.

He’s unraveling. You get the feeling that only Gazza can help Gazza now, and unfortunately for him, Gazza is the last person you’d call for help over anything.

There are calls today for the PFA to step in and assist but they have been doing for years and years now. Indeed, PFA chief exec Gordon Taylor said today:

“There isn’t a player we’ve done more for over my time at the PFA.

“In fact, we’ve been criticised for doing as much as we have, because he has not made the improvements that some of our other members have.”

It pains us to say, but if he carries on the way he’s heading – and he will – Gazza’s not going to make 50, and no-one will be the least bit surprised to wake up to the headlines as and when the day comes.

(Video: 101GG)

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  1. Stu says:

    Very sad, unfortunately for Gazza it seems that the booze is just something that he’ll never realy get away from and as said in the article, will probably lead to his unfortunate and much too early end.

    Who knows how things may have turned out in his life had he gone to utd rather than spurs. I can remember him with all his hangers on in the 90s, on the piss constantly in London on the celeb scene, pure waste of talent.

  2. Mr Sensible says:

    So sad, the truth is only Gazza can really help himself now, but it might already be too late. Seems to have had help from a number of people who clearly care a great deal for him but ultimately it’s only himself who can change but that’s far easier said than done.

  3. MrMac says:

    Not being english – i’m not sure i have the same “relationship” towards him.

    But that video just breaks ones heart.

    Remembering him and shearer as a kid …. damn i hope he helps him self :C

  4. Dab says:

    I can’t believe people sat there laughing and no one got up and took him out of that room. I could not have sat there and watched that and laughed. He is ill. If he’d fainted and collapsed people would have helped him immediately but because its alcohol related, no one does anything and preach about its up to him. Yes it is but he needs help too, not judgment. It can happen to anyone if the circumstances in their life are right. I feel so so sorry for him and only hope he gets well again.

  5. Mike says:

    I know it’s not fashionable, but I think prayers are the order of the day. Everything else has been tried. Very sad.

  6. MessiBalls says:

    Very sad to watch – I remember watching him in the Euro’s, only seemed like yesterday.

    I always remember the absolute bell ends that he hung out with(Jimmy 5 Bellies was one!)…… Good player but not a good professional. I look at the way Alex Ferguson manages his young players, advising most of them to cop on and stop dicking around with certain people.

    If only someone got a grip on Gazza when he was younger. Sad video.

  7. Vinny says:

    May he find the strength within himself, as others have, (including myself) What a crying shame…C’mon man before its to late. DIG DEEP.

  8. ChristianVieri says:

    Woah..thats rough

  9. Terry Armstrong says:

    My story about Gazza. Just hope he can get help.

  10. jimboroon says:

    im a mad celtic fan,and hated him when playing his flute at rangers, spurred on by his bigoted team mates,look at them now,but i have to say thats a very sad video of the GREAT gazza i just hope he finds the help and willpower to beat this cursed disease,good luck paul.

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