Defender Does His Best To Nobble Ronaldinho With Disgusting Airborne Two-Footer (Video)

Chris Wright

27th, February 2013

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By Chris Wright

In which, during the Copa Libertadores game between Brazil’s Atletico Miniero and Argentina’s Arsenal de Sarandi on Tuesday night, Arsenal defender Diego Braghieri attempts to break Ronaldinho with a potentially leg-busting, shin-high, two-footed horror lunge.

Also note that Braghieri gave away a penalty (a penalty Ronaldinho subsequently missed, possibly due to having large chunks of his leg missing) but escaped any further punishment…

Shocking. The aftermath…

Apparently Ronaldinho shook Braghieri’s hand after the final whistle to show there were no hard feelings, though frankly we’d have forgiven him for belting the Arsenal man square in the mush for that kind of behaviour.

(Video: ITV Football)