Clarence Seedorf Shown Second Red Card Of Career For ‘Walking Off The Pitch The Wrong Way’ (Video)

Chris Wright

25th, March 2013


By Chris Wright

Clarence Seedorf’s exemplary, almost immaculate career is almost typified by the lack of cards he’s been shown, having only ever picked up one single red card in his 21 years as a professional.

However, that was before last weekend, when the Dutch midfielder, now aged 36 and gradually winding down in Brazil with Botafogo, was shown his second ever red when he was booked twice in a minute for the heinous crime of “refusing to leave the pitch the right way after being substituted” against Madureira.

Basically, the referee instructed Seedorf to exit the pitch on the near side to save the time, though Seedorf had other ideas – deliberately attempting to trudge across the pitch and back to the Botafogo bench. The ref took umbrage, booked Seedorf for his insolence and then flashed a second yellow when the former Milan man continued to disobey orders…

As red card offences go, “deliberately jogging in the wrong direction” has got to be up there with the very softest!

(Via Guardian)

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  1. porcelain sandwich says:

    To be fair, I think the yellows were justified. Seedorf clearly disobeyed him and wasted quite a bit of time. Doesn’t stop me loving him though. Clarence for next Chelsea manager.

  2. sportinglegend says:

    Referee was spot on to send him off. He’s a fully grown man of 36 acting like a petulant little child. He has 4 children of his own, be good to see how he explains daddy’s behaviour to them.

    Instead of scoffing at the referee sending him off, maybe you should highlight the increasing absurdity of footballers behaviour and how they think that the normal rules of a civilised society don’t apply to them when the take the pitch?

  3. Anonymous says:

    @sportinglegend you sir are an idiot.

  4. Mr Sensible says:

    Eh? How were either card justified? Is there a rule stating the ref can decide how you leave the pitch? The stupid ref wasted more time arguing with Seedorf rather than letting him jog off to the part of the pitch every single sub has ever been made when the player is fit to walk off.

    The ref was being a complete jobsworth bellend.

  5. GiveFootballBack says:

    @Mr Sensible

    What you said.

  6. HS says:

    I think sportinglegend must work for the FA.

    ‘The increasing abusurdity of footballers behaviour’

    i.e. running over to the bench after being subbed and refusing to be dictated by some moron.

    Are you even human? The ref’s on a power trip, by his frame he was probably dropped from the football team in primary school and has been bitter ever since.

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