South Africa Consider Vuvuzela Ban After Referee Attacked By Trumpet-Wielding Pitch Invader

Chris Wright

12th, April 2013

By Chris Wright

Pies have long considered South African football’s audio torture device of choice, the vuvuzela, to be offensive, largely due to the parp-induced tinnitus we still suffer with after sitting through the 2010 World Cup two summers ago.

It seems the South African footballing authorities are finally twigging too, though it’s not the perpetual, stupefying 190-decibel drone that they have a problem with, it’s the fact that the vuvuzela may now have to be classed as a “dangerous weapon” after a flurry of trumpet attacks over the past couple of weeks.

Earlier in the month, Orlando Pirates coach Roger De Sa was pelted with vuvuzelas (among other things) from the stands after his side were held to a draw by Amazulu, and more recently referee Chris Mfiki was clouted several times by a vuvuzela-wielding pitch invader during the game between Kaizer Chiefs and Golden Arrows.

The pitch invader was later fined 500 rand (£36) for his troubles.

Whereas they have confirmed they’re not actively pursuing a ban at the moment, Premier Soccer League officials have admitted that outlawing the vuvuzela has “become a topic of conversation” after seeing them increasingly used as implements of physical pain rather than just a plain old assault on the eardrums.

PSL general manager Derek Blanckensee told Reuters. “Our rules ban all dangerous weapons from matches. If the vuvuzela is to become a dangerous weapon then we will look into this.”

The sooner the better, for everyone’s sake.

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