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Juninho Pernambucano Shown Just About The Stupidest Red Card You’re Likely To See vs Sporting KC (Video)

By Chris Wright

This is just one of those red card incidents where neither party comes out smelling of petunias. During last night’s MLS tie between New York Red Bulls and Sporting Kansas City, Juninho picked up a 91st-minute red card when, fed up with Jimmy Nelsen’s time-wasting (KC were 1-0 up), the Brazilian irritably toe-poked the ball at the KC goalkeeper’s general arm/chest region from several yards away.

Of course, Nielsen then reacted like a total pansy and went down clutching his face, staying down for about five minutes to receive treatment for his shattered cranium while Juninho was vanquished from the pitch…

Truly embarrassing.

While Juninho is not entirely without blame, Nielsen – who, lest we forget, is paid handsomely to get hit by footballs all day every day – deserves to be put in the stocks for a day for that kind of shameful carry-on.

What a ginormous git.

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By Chris on April 18th, 2013 in FAIL, Hardmen, MLS, Videos. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site.

17 Responses to “Juninho Pernambucano Shown Just About The Stupidest Red Card You’re Likely To See vs Sporting KC (Video)”

  1. Gazza says:

    shitlookalike of Adam Goldberg

  2. Ha! says:

    I swear, at the end, blonde lurch says “What if that hit me in the face?”, tears in eyes and all.

    And Rivaldo looks on with pride.

  3. porcelain sandwich says:

    Looks to me like Juninho didn’t mean to kick it that hard. Agree that the goalie’s a cock though.

  4. dusty bottoms says:

    does “tie” in england the same thing as one team winning 1-0?

    so confused

  5. Rory says:

    What a prick.

  6. JT says:

    This GK equals everything that is wrong with modern day football

  7. Duncan says:

    He’s a goalkeeper…… he gets hit by soccer balls, professionally. What?

  8. Peter says:

    Hit on the elbow? what nonsense… and the commentators are no big help either. Footballers can be the biggest pansies when they want to be..

  9. Peter says:

    Also, is this considered violent conduct? I would have thought a yellow would be sufficient.. or has Rivaldo created a precedent? I guess Juninho was lucky it wasn’t Busquetes or Marcelo in net or they’d still be rolling around today

  10. nobby says:

    worst iv seen in a while. commentators are awful too. thats the way americans are tho, all into that fairplay lar, cant say boo to a ref either

  11. GiveFootballBack says:

    I really feel for Juninho….because he wasn’t able to put a stud in that goof’s eye like he wanted to and get a proper red.

  12. Fat Nakago says:

    Juninho at least took his like a MAN, unlike Jimmy Nielsen.

  13. k9 says:

    that’s the kind of courage and bravery you wanna see from your captain.. the pink get-up is definitely appropriate.

  14. dusty bottoms says:

    @chris – thought so. just a little confused.

    complete weak sauce from jimmy nielsen, and yeah, the pink doesn’t help. juninho had been playing dirty all game though, so this was probably a result of being a dick.

  15. Marvin says:

    Basically the ref is the biggest tit. Keeper should have been booked for time wasting (if ref was on to it there would have been no need for Juninho to touch the ball) AND then keeper booked for simulation and joined Juninho in the showers.

  16. Anabelle says:

    Call it what you will, in my book this is an overt form of racism.

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