Roma ‘Hardman’ Daniele De Rossi Performs Shamefully Pathetic Dive vs Chievo (Video)

By Chris Wright

As well as being a darn fine player when he wants to be, Roma enforcer Daniel De Rossi is a complete and utter sh*thouse.

That said, he’s usually the kind of complete and utter sh*thouse that you want on your side: bloodying ankles, digging ribs, swinging rogue elbows, indulging in the odd spot of gamesmanship, riling the opposition and generally “putting himself about” to good effect.

Then he goes and does something like this…

Shameful and pathetic. What a…and we do not use this word lightly…dweeb.

You’ll no doubt be glad to hear that Roma lost 1-0 to mid-table Chievo and De Rossi didn’t get anything out of the referee for his monumentally awful theatrics – though he somehow also escaped without picking up a booking.