David Beckham Bursts Into Tears After Being Substituted For The Final Time (Video & Photos)

Chris Wright

19th, May 2013


By Chris Wright

It all got a bit emotional at the Parc des Princes yesterday evening when, come the 82nd minute, David Beckham’s number came up and the 38-year-old veteran shuffled off the pitch one last time and away into retirement.

Paris Saint-Germain’s game against Brest was temporarily halted for several minutes as a tearful Beckham thanked his teammates (most of whom had died their hair red, white and blue in tribute to their British cohort) on the way off, hugging it out with every single person on the PSG payroll before finally taking his place on the bench…

After the final whistle (already-crowned Ligue 1 champs PSG racked up a 3-1 win), Beckham was chucked around in celebratory fashion as the tears continued to well in his eyes…


Well played and farewell Becks, wherever the tides may take you.

(Photos: PA)

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  1. TravisKOP says:

    becks has officially left the game. . . . god damn i feel old

  2. c says:

    ‘most of whom had died their hair red, white and blue in tribute to their British cohort’…

    really? only a very self-centred journalist with a very narrow view of the world would think that the players, having just won the French league, had died their hair in the French tri-colour pattern to honour their British teamate.

    What an idiot.

  3. quebec in your face says:

    Luckily that hair works for the French flag as well, they may as well keep it after the match.

  4. Ryannnnnnn says:

    I saw his lob against WImbledon live. I am really feeling old………….

  5. Skel says:

    “had died their hair in the French tri-colour pattern”

    Well, it’s actually the Paris club’s colour pattern

  6. Anabelle says:

    It brought tears to my eyes. The end of an era.

    David Beckham, my sweet Prince, is and always will be beloved my millions of fans around the world.

  7. gocho says:

    pure class…

  8. Rob says:

    Two real footballers retired today, Jaime Carragher and Paul Scholes.

  9. OldNumber7Shirt says:

    Worth noting that he was so famous, for so long, and steered pretty well clear of major controversy. Athletes half as famous, for half as long, both in football and in other places, manage far more mischief and idiocy. Hard pressed to say anything but Thanks and Farewell.

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