Muangthong United’s Mario Gjurovski Celebrates Goal In His Pants, Sent Off With Shorts Around Ankles (Video)

Chris Wright

20th, May 2013


By Chris Wright

In which, over in the Thai Premier League, Muangthong United’s Macedonian midfielder Mario Gjurovski celebrates scoring a rather nifty free-kick against TOT Sport Club (who have a mighty fine badge, we might add!) by whipping his shorts down and off, putting them over his head and gunning down the crowd with a fake machine gun.

For this grotesque display of civil disobedience, Gjurovski was immediately shown his second yellow card of the game and promptly sent off before he could even so much as haul his shorts back up…

Oh, the inhumanity!

The best bit is it looks for a split second like Gjurovski remembers that he’s already on a yellow and decides against doing anything outlandish to celebrate his goal then, roughly three seconds later, the impulse to rid himself of his shorts overrides it completely.

(Thanks to @Bolipan24 for the nudge)