Here’s A ‘Balkan Dancehall’ Ragga Anthem Written In Tribute To Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Video)

Chris Wright

4th, June 2013


By Chris Wright

Thanks to a pair of (one assumes) self-appointed “Balkan dancehall ambassadors” named Sanjin & Youthman, the world has a new song about Zlatan Ibrahimovic in it.

Now, we’ve got no idea what “Balkan dancehall” should sound like, but we’re just going to press ahead and guess that it’s a cross between Sean Paul’s dismal atonal whinnying and the “trance” demo beat from a Casio keyboard…

Totally crunk ‘n’ shit yo.

We weren’t far off, but at least there’s a whole lotta Zlatan to feast the eyes upon – not that Sanjin and Youthman’s anthem is even close to being the best song about Ibradoodles…