Manuel Neuer Lands Role In German Version Of ‘Monsters University’, Pixar’s Sequel To ‘Monsters Inc.’ (Video)

Chris Wright

12th, June 2013


By Chris Wright

Not content with being one of the finest goalkeepers on the planet, Manuel Neuer has been keeping himself out of trouble by dabbling in a bit of voice acting on the side – landing a part in the German dub of the sequel to Pixar classic “Monsters, Inc.”, called “Monsters University”, in which he plays superstar scarer Frank McCay – a role played by The American Office’s John Krasinski in the American version.

Here’s the trailer. It’s all in German, but you’ll get the jist…

Of course, footballers snagging themselves bit-parts in animated films isn’t a new thing, with Andres Iniesta ably playing the role of “albino pirate” in the Spanish-dubbed version of Aardman animation “Pirates!” last year, in which he starred alongside the lovely Salma Hayek, no less!