Classic Football Songs: ‘The Tony Pulis Rap’ By Goldie Lookin Chain (Video)

Chris Wright

14th, June 2013


By Chris Wright

We can’t imagine there are many Tony Pulis tribute tracks knocking around out there but we must admit that this totally passed us by at the time – back in 2011, Welsh hip-hop collective Goldie Lookin Chain released a song in honour of then-Stoke City manager Pulis (“he manages Stoke, he’s a hell of a bloke,” etc, etc).

Here, let’s refresh your memory…

Pulis once played for GLC’s beloved Newport County (whose shirts they once sponsored) back in the 1980s and has obviously commanded a special place in their hearts ever since, with his signature cap-and-tracksuit look probably meaning that he could join the band without altering a single thing should the opportunity ever arise.