Bayern Munich Boss Pep Guardiola Launches Extraordinary Attack On Barcelona Big-Wig Sandro Rosell (Video)

Alan Duffy

12th, July 2013


By Alan Duffy

Pep Guardiola is not renowned for losing his cool but in a press conference yesterday, the Bayern Munich manager had a right pop at his former boss, Barcelona president Sandro Rosell.

Irked by a number of negative rumours emanating from Rosell’s camp, including one which claimed that Guardiola had questioned his successor at the Nou Camp, Tito Vilanova’s abilities as Barca boss and another claiming he hadn’t visited Vilanova when he was ill in hospital in New York, Bayern’s new boss let rip, stating that Rosell and co. had failed to leave him “in peace”.

It really is worth a watch. Indeed, for all of Barcelona’s incredible achievements on the pitch, there does seem to be a rather darker side to the club behind the scenes.

Oh, and for the subtitles, click on the icon first on the right at the bottom of the screen.

(Video: 101GG)

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  1. dc says:

    Rosell, with one S

    the “darker” side to the club has to do with a huge gap in perspective, and to a certain extent, class, between the sporting side of the club and the business side of the club, and it mostly has to do with Rosell. It’s something you also see a lot of in Catalan politics too. No one really likes Rosell and they view him as a lesser of two evils when it came to replacing Joan Laporta with him. On one side, Rosell has the business connections necessary to generate lots of money for the club, and for some reason has great business connections with Brasil too, but on the negative side, a lot of those business connections are fairly seedy especially with regard to Qatar. He’s sort of a necessary evil but people are starting to get fed up with him, especially when he says nasty things like that about Pep and was reluctant to let Pep go. Apparently the release of Abidal was slightly off-putting as well, according to those in the know, and apparently that had something to do with Rosell too

  2. Il Suono Ladro says:

    His Brazilian connections come from his time working for Nike in South America do they not?

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