Robbie Savage Reduced By Gorka Pintado’s Horror Tackle (With Awesome Photo & Shaky Video)

Ollie Irish

22nd, February 2010


By Ollie Irish


“Not the hair!”

I know Bob Savage has accrued plenty of ‘He had it coming’ points throughout his career, but even he didn’t deserve to be on the end of this shocking ‘tackle’ – which is more of a two-footed assault than a tackle – by Swansea City forward Gorka Pintado:

Happily, Savage walked away – gingerly – and then had this to say about Pintado’s blood-rush, which caused a bit of a scrum between Derby and Swansea’s players:

“That was a career-ending tackle. It was one of the worst I’ve ever seen. It’s a good job I used my experience to get out of the way. If I hadn’t done that I would have had a broken leg and that would have ended my career.

“He should get banned for more than three games for that. I play on the edge but that was terrible. He knew he had to go. If the guy hadn’t lunged from 40 yards, two-footed and thigh-high, that [melee] wouldn’t have happened. Most people will be glad it was on me. But what I want to see, as captain, is all my teammates coming in and sticking up for me.”

A 40-yard lunge is of course a huge and enjoyable exaggeration but I agree that a three-game ban is not enough for Pintado. Five games seems fair. Unless you’re kneejerky BBC pundit Steve Claridge (a former team-mate of Savage), who judged that a ban of  “three or four months” (!) would fit the crime. A bit over the top, Steve. Much like Pintado, then.

What punishment do YOU think Pintado deserves?

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  1. MrPessimism says:

    Punishment? I’m sure there were quite a few supporters around the country drinking a pint for Pintado after that challenge. I must admit that I’d never condone a career-ending challenge on anyone – even Robbie Savage, but surely his career ended a long time ago? ;)

    I’m interested in finding out what the FA will do about Stephen Bywater’s assault on Pintado during the melee though. Nothing I suspect.

    I love some of Savage’s comments… “It’s a good job I used my experience to get out of the way. If I hadn’t done that I would have had a broken leg”. Experience? Was that when you exaggerated by jumping 5 foot in the air, then rolled half a dozen times down the very rough Derby pitch. After reviewing the incident, I don’t think Pintado was too clever in how he went in but he really didn’t touch him at all. A three match ban would be fair. If anything, Savage would have hurt himself more by rolling down that mess of a pitch.

    “If the guy hadn’t lunged from 40 yards, two-footed and thigh-high, that [melee] wouldn’t have happened.” Holy moley! With the Olympics in 2012, I’m looking forward to seeing Pintado as Spain’s entrant in the long jump. If he hadn’t done that the melee wouldn’t have happened? How about being profesional players and letting the referee deal with it instead of charging in like a bunch of thugs? Man United and Chelsea do it, there’s no reason to copy!

    The incident itself has been dealt with appropriately. It’s the aftermath that needs dealing with now. I guess a certain fine is no longer suspended now.

  2. yampster says:

    Think hard on this. The end of Robbie Savage’s career on the pitch could mark the beginning of his career as a pundit. Surely none of us are looking forward to that

  3. Jacko says:

    That Shit Savage had it coming.
    Not a scratch on him, yet he is still moaning 48 hours on!

  4. Lee Jones says:

    Savage seems to have reflected all the spotlight on this “tackle” away from the tackle/assault on Joe Allen by Jay McEveley which the ref judged as a yellow when everyone else thought a definate red. The Swans players although annoyed did not dive in pushing people around and acting like a gang of schoolboys in the playground.

    Pintado was fully deserving of his red card and will get a 4 match ban unless the FAW decide to assist Cardiff (as they normally do). I was no great fan of Savage before this but he has acted like a fool in his bid for self promotion. He probably thinks this will assist his media career but has probably harmed it particuarly with the BBC Derby interview.

  5. pintado's right foot says:

    if Savage didn’t throw his arm’s in the air and roll around like he’d just been run over by a bus his team mates might not have reacted like they did, as he said he didn’t get hurt, he knew it was coming, he didn’t even try to stop his team from laying into Pintado, but he shook his hand yes, while standing on pintado’s toes…

  6. Anonymous says:

    ban him for life the swansea shithead

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