‘This Happens Every F**king Game!’ – Pep Guardiola Goes Ballistic During Bayern Munich Training Drill (Video)

Chris Wright

9th, January 2014


By Chris Wright

Here’s one we originally meant to post uo yesterday but sadly it fell by the wayside for whatever reason: Eight intense minutes of Pep Guardiola going absolutely apoplectic during a recent Bayern Munich training session in Doha, angrily snarling at his players (“this happens every f**king game!”/”GO! F**king hell!”, etc, etc…) while going through various passing drills…

The price of perfection, we guess. At least his German is coming on leaps and bounds, even if it is mostly expletives!

(Via TZOnline)

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  1. Cosa says:

    Some of it seems to be english

  2. ande says:

    One word is English: “f*cking”.
    The rest is in German.
    By now “f*cking” is a common anglicism over here.

  3. Dusty says:

    Doing it for the cameras??

  4. troy says:

    His German isn’t that great. His grammar is poor. He’s mixing English and German together. I imagine it would be difficult for him to communicate the nuances of the drills. This likely is significantly contributing to his obvious frustration….not just the fact that he’s not happy with the outcome of the players’ performance.

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