Out-Of-Control Non-League Player Tries To Attack Fan In Stands After Being Sent Off (Video)

Alan Duffy

25th, January 2014


By Alan Duffy

In a nod to that famous Eric Cantona kung-fu kicks from days of yore (whenever or wherever ‘yore’ was), Karl Colley, the captain of non-League First Division side Coalville decided to take out his frustrations with a fan of opposing side Goole after being sent off. However, the big eejit was repeatedly stopped in his quest to lamp one fan in particular who had been giving his stick  by other sensible members of the crowd.

Coalville lost the game 3-0 and Colley was sacked by manager David (brother of Dean) Holdsworth after the game. The words ‘anger’, ‘management’ and ‘issues’ seem rather appropriate here.

Video: Adam Brindley