Comedian John Oliver Launches Into Fantastic 13-Minute Rant About FIFA On His American Talk Show (Video)

Chris Wright

9th, June 2014


By Chris Wright

It’s probably fair to say that most Brits remember John Oliver from being not especially funny on the not especially funny “Mock the Week”, but in the five or six years since he last appeared on our screens the Brummie comedian has carved himself out a new, slightly surprising but never-the-less incredibly successful niche in America – first joining John Stewart as The Daily Show’s senior British correspondent and now fronting his very own weekly eponymous late-night talk show, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.

Anway, this Sunday’s edition of the show saw Oliver gearing up for the World Cup with a fantastic, 13-minute-long anti-FIFA rant which really was and is a work of true acerbic beauty…

Hear hear.