FAIL: Keisuke Honda Files Strong Contender For ‘Worst Corner Ever’ Against Valencia (Video)

Chris Wright

18th, August 2014

By Chris Wright

We’ve already seen a fine effort from Nantes midfielder Serge Gakpé this weekend, but Keisuke Honda went above and beyond the call of duty in his attempt to claim the “worst corner kick ever” title with a truly audacious display of craptitude during Milan’s pre-season friendly against Valencia last night…


Shite, pure shite – and the little accusing look at the turf is just textbook too.

Dare we say it, but that’s Rooney-esque.

However, not content with his first “worst corner ever” submission, Honda had another go later in the game.

Sadly the Japanese midfielder failed to reproduce the esteemed level of garbage he attained with his first stinker…

That’s right. Two in one game.

Keisuke Honda is a professional footballer.

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