Football Art: Hark At This Beautiful Footage Of Feyenoord vs Ajax, Shot Using €20,000 Steadi-Cam (Video)

Chris Wright

25th, September 2014


By Chris Wright

As shot by Dutch freelance cameraman Ben de Graaf using his trusty hi-tech Movi steadicam frame, this footage of the pre-game formalities before Feyenoord’s 0-1 home loss to Ajax at the weekend is so beautifully hyper-real that – as Pies spotter Brian McClair’s Ghost (possibly not his real name) puts it – it looks more like a big budget intro from FIFA 15 than actual camera work.

De Graaf’s camera was placed inside his €20,000 Movi stability device (a gyroscopic, tilting rig which is held at waist-height by the operator) and films from a low angle, making everything seem to tower over and dwarf the viewer, thus giving everything an overblown and slightly surreal quality.

Cracking work.

Thanks to Pies fan Bob, we also have a behind-the-scenes video from Fox Soccer too.

‘E are lad, ‘ay a butcher’s at this…

(Via to Pies fan Brian McClair’s Ghost for the tip-off!)