‘Obrigado’ – Recently Ill Pele Thanks Fans For Their Concern Via The Medium Of Song (Video)

Chris Wright

6th, December 2014

By Chris Wright


Ask your parents

In the process of recovering after being hospitalised by a nasty urinary tract infection, Pele decided to thank his legions of fans and well-wishers the world over.

Posted to his Facebook page last night, Pele’s little acoustic ditty is entitled “Obrigado” (Portuguese for ‘thank you’) and goes a little something like this…

In an accompanying message on his Facebook page, Pele wrote in Portuguese:

“I just wanted to take this opportunity to greet all of you, everyone in the whole world who has been worried about my health.

“Thanks to God I’m fine, I’m recuperating well, I’m here with my family.”

Then, switching to English, the 74-year-old continued:

“Don’t worry! Thank you very much! I know everybody has been worried about my health but I am okay.

“I invite you one more time to come to Brazil! Enjoy the Olympic Games!

“We’re going to participate in the Games together, this will improve my health.

“Thanks God, and thanks everyone who has always prayed for me.”

Still shilling for the Brazil Olympics from his intensive care ward. A true pro.