Peruvian Player Miraculously Survives After Being Struck By Lightning During Match

Chris Wright

10th, December 2014

By Chris Wright

Unbelievably, a Peruvian player has mirculously survived being struck by lightning during the weekend’s Copa Peru game between Sport Aguila and Minera Force in the city of Huancayo.

Sport Aguila left-back Joao Contreras collapsed to the floor after the bolt hit the pitch as the second-half was about to kick-off amid a torrential rain storm, with many people presuming he’d died instantly.

Indeed, several Peruvian news outlets reported his death – with Sport Aguila’s opponents even Tweeting their condolences…

“Much strength to the families of the player affected. The game does not go on, suspended”

However, it would appear that reports of Contreras’ death were greatly exaggerated, as updated news reports are now claiming that the defender somehow survived the blast of Zeus’ righteous anger as, while still hospitalised, is currently in a stable condition.

Sport Aguila’s Julio Rios and linesman Abraham Loayza were also injured by the strike, with Sport Aguila executive Walter Delgado confirming that all three men are mercifully on the way to recovery.

“They are all stable. They are talking, but we’re just going to wait for the doctor’s reports,” he said.

Bloody hell.