Barcelona Stars Messi, Neymar & Suarez Play Dress-Up In Latest Shill For Qatar Airways (Video)

Chris Wright

5th, February 2015


By Chris Wright

While it could hardly compete with Carles Puyol ramming his head through a plant pot, the second instalment of Barcelona’s ongoing shill for Qatar Airways is upon us, this time treating us to Lionel Messi acting his arse off in his karate pyjamas, Neymar juggling with Gerard Pique’s sun cream and Luis Suarez silently questioning what he’s doing with his life while dressed up as a poncho-toting vaquero.

At least the soundtrack is a marked improvement this time around…


“I have no idea what I’m doing”

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  1. up4 says:

    I’m baffled by Suarez’s horrible acting, especially since he does it on the pitch so very often…

  2. porcelain sandwich says:

    Can’t help but notice that the team arrives in South Korea and duly goes about wrecking up a Japanese house. Don’t fly with Qatar Airways, they’ll take you to completely the wrong country.

  3. blackstock gooner says:

    Tony Adams showing hes still got the skills @ 0:20

  4. Jarren says:

    Messi seems to be improving on the acting front, which I suppose he has to what with doing so much promotion. I’m sure it’s not easy for a guy who just wants to play football but happens to be a global superstar.

    But I do agree with up4, it’s hilarious that Suarez is so bad at acting given his ability on-field…

  5. TravisKOP says:

    wow that was shit

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