FC Koln Pitch Invaders Get Kicking From Fans And Security After BMG Nab Last-Gasp Win

Alan Duffy

14th, February 2015


By Alan Duffy

In scenes which show the Borussia Moenchengladbach stewards in a rather bad light, FC Koln fans got a right kicking from a number of fans at the Borussia-Park after they invaded the pitch at the end of  1-0 win for BMG.

Granit Xhaka was the match-winner for Lucien Favre’s side, heading home in injury to seal all three points for the hosts. However, soon after the final whistle went, a gang of visiting hoodlums, all dressed in white overalls (maybe they were Altern-8 fans?) infiltrated the pitch.  Cue the entrance of the riot police, which sent the pitch invaders running for their lives as their initial bravado evaporated.

Some of the Koln goons, in retreating from the pitch, ended up in kicking/punching ranger of the BMG fans, with many getting a brutal hiding. Indeed, the Borussia-Park stewards did little to stop the home fans batter their victims, with a couple of the stewards (in green) seeming to hold a Koln fan in place as a BMG hooligan repeatedly punched him. Expect the Bundesliga authorities to get involved following the shameful scenes.

(By the way, I’ve included a number of Altern-8 record references in this article. If you don’t find any of them or indeed don’t know who Altern-8 were then you have no right to be here. Go away now).

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  1. Jarren says:

    Nice work, Alan!

    I spotted all the references, but then again I am a massive Altern 8 fan (as you may have spotted already)!

  2. sa says:

    If u ain’t playing stay of the pitch, or get a good kickin

  3. Geraldo says:

    Top work on the Altern 8 hat tipping, especially the Brutal-8-E of the hidings handed out by the Gladbach fans. Disappointed there was no mention of the Koln fans Evapor 8-ing back into the crowd though…

  4. Jarren says:

    @Geraldo: Given the Frequency of events like this, it’s a Shame the Koln fans didn’t have more balls.

    Although given much more of a kicking by the Gladbach fans, they’d have been left in a Hypnotic St-8.

    Top one. Nice one. Get Sorted.


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