Salomon Kalou Faces €10,000 Fine After Being Caught Vandalising The Berlin Wall

Chris Wright

16th, March 2015


By Chris Wright


You wait years for a Hertha Berlin story and then two crop up at once. Sod’s Law.

Anyway, Hertha forward Salomon Kalou is potentially staring down the barrel of a hefty fine after being filming vandalising the Berlin Wall.

Kalou was seen chiselling off a piece of the Wall as a memento as part of a segment being filmed by a local TV station about Hertha’s 2-2 draw against Schalke on Saturday afternoon.

What with damaging the remnants of the Berlin Wall being a criminal offence and all, a chap by the name of Kani Alavi (chairman of the Eastside Gallery, a monument which includes a 1.3km-long section of the Wall) told Bild that he couldn’t believe his eyes on seeing the video.

“I nearly fell off the sofa when I saw the footage,” said Alavi.

“Here we have a well-paid celebrity increasing his market value at the expense of a national monument – without respect, and with the clear backing of television.

“Just because there is no security patrolling the Gallery, doesn’t mean you can go around doing what you want.

“If he had done that at the Brandenburg Gate, the player would probably have been arrested.”

The Wall has been under a protection order since 1991 and anyone caught vandalising it can expect to receive a maximum fine of €10,000.

The East Side Gallery have filmed the damage done by Kalou and uploaded their footage to Youtube…

Looks like that shard of crumbling concrete on Kalou’s bedside table is going to turn out to be one expensive souvenir.

May we suggest going for a snow globe or a fridge magnet next time?

(Via Bild/Image:Bild)

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  1. dc says:

    Honestly if a TV station is endorsing and promoting him doing it, they should be the ones paying the fine; Kalou, who’s been there less than a year, couldn’t possibly have known the laws better than them.

  2. bw says:

    DC that’s absolute bollocks. I was there for two weeks and knew that vandalising and stealing parts of the wall was massively offensive and illegal. Kalou obviously has more money than sense

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