Cristiano Ronaldo Defends Young Japanese Boy Attempting To Interview Him In Portuguese (Video)

By Chris Wright

He’s got the propensity to be a petulant, pouting little madame on the pitch, but as we’ve seen numerous times by now, Cristiano Ronaldo is a thoroughly decent chap away from the intense heat of sporting battle.

Here we see the Real Madrid superstar being interviewed by a young Japanese fan at the launch on his bizarre “facial fitness” widget, with the kid making the bold decision to attempt to grill Ronaldo in his native Portuguese tongue.

Facing a bit of ridicule from the crowd for his broken Portuguese, the young lad begins to look a little nervous – right up until the point that Ronaldo wades in and sticks up for the boy…

Yeah, good on the little guy for trying in the first place – and shame on a room full of adults for giggling at him.

Unless he accidentally said a Portuguese swear word of course, then all bets are off.

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  1. Dead Mau5 says:

    It’s ridiculous and hilarious just how invested Ronaldo has gotten in that face sculptor thing since that first time so long ago that he looked all confused on Japanese TV.

  2. Nuno says:

    Portuguese here, nothing wrong with what he said:
    “Good afternoon”
    “My name is Llota” (something like that)
    “My dream is to be a football player”
    “And have the pleasure of one day play alongside you” (this is where they start laughing, apparently at his struggle)
    “For me to reach that goal, what shall I do?”

  3. Jarren says:

    It is hard to hate Ronaldo off the field.

    A bit like Suarez, these kind of players just seem to put on a different personality when playing.

    So easy to judge a man simply by his professional life, without fully understanding him in reality.

  4. London Broncos RL says:

    Good points Jarren. Credit to cr7 for this.

  5. dc says:

    @Jarren on point. Suárez is fairly bright too– I remember watching a video of him doing an interview in Dutch when he played for Ajax. Kind of like the Carlos Tevez antithesis

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