Spoilsports: Uruguay FA Ban Brilliant Parody Advert On Basis It ‘Denigrates’ Uruguayan Football (Video)

Chris Wright

15th, February 2016



With the start of the 2016 campaign imminent, Uruguayan broadcaster TCC decided to plug their coverage of the new football season with a frankly rather brilliant parody commercial.

Taking pointers from the ridiculously bombastic coverage of the UEFA Champions League, TCC focused on the more…  shall we say “down to earth” elements of the Uruguayan game by incorporating footage of dilapidated stadiums, wonky touchlines, mattresses being used to dry flooded pitches, horrible open-goal misses, shots landing in rivers and even a man leading a cow around a pitch…

The advert proved to be a significant viral success with Uruguyan football fans, with the audio-visual company responsible reporting a “99% positive feedback” rating.

However, the 1% that disapproved of the video just so happened to be the 1% that mattered – namely the Uruguayan Football Association (AUF), who banned TCC from airing it on the basis that it “denigrated the image” of the Uruguayan domestic game.

The bloody rotten spoilsports.