Lionel Messi Scores Winning Goal For Argentina Several Weeks After Retiring From International Football (Photos & Video)

Chris Wright

2nd, September 2016



Lionel Messi pulled off another neat trick last night when he scored Argentina’s winning goal against Uruguay despite having retired from international football some weeks ago now.

Indeed, despite not actually being on the pitch, Messi settled the 2018 World Cup qualifier in the 43rd minute with a piece of excellent back-heeled control and a massively deflected finish…

Still scoring important goals two months into retirement? That’s got to be the mark of a true great.

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  1. CommentatingonaCommentator says:

    That commentator has got to be the worst I’ve ever heard. I get a little hyperbole employed in the description of the movements and events in a match, but his over-exaggeration is just absurd.

    • Yep says:

      Oh he is brutal! The Geordie accent as well. The worst English speaking commentator. However, Italian or Spanish? Way worse. GOOOOOOOAAAAAALLL RRRRRIIIIIIIIIIBBBBAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA GOOOOOOOOOOOOALALLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALL.


    • Hootie says:

      WHO IS HE THAT WOULD DEIGN TO INSULT THE IMMORTAL RAY HUDSON!?! The man is a gift, a treasure and I will not standly idly by as you besmirch his blessed name.

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