Modern Football Is Rubbish: El Nacional Goalkeeper Johan Padilla Goes Down In ‘Agony’ After Being Gently Prodded By Referee (Video)

Chris Wright

7th, March 2018

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After slogging through 89 minutes of the tie and finding themselves 4-3 up, Ecuador’s El Nacional began to start running down the clock in their Copa Sudamericana first round match against San Jose of Bolivia.

Chief among the time-wasters was El Nacional goalkeeper Johan Padilla, who managed to get himself booked for taking an age over a freekick.

However, when referee Jose Argote marched over to brandish the yellow card, Padilla went one step further.

Argote gave Padilla a gentle nudge after the latter attempted to restart play from the wrong place, only to watch on in bemusement as the stopper flung himself, screaming to the ground, even clutching his throat in mock agony for the full effect…

Who is Padilla appealing to, and for what? The referee is RIGHT THERE and HE’S THE ONE WHO TOUCHED HIM.

He’s incredibly lucky that Argote didn’t see fit to whip out another booking.

What a clown.

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1 Comment

  1. JP says:

    Disgusting that he wasn’t sent off, and irritating to hear the commentators chuckling over the incident.

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