Nightmare Fuel: Mexican Club Lobos BUAP Unveil Terrifying New Animatronic ‘Werewolf’ Mascot (Photo & Video)

Chris Wright

11th, July 2018

Photo: Lobos BUAP

After deciding that their old wolf mascot ‘Lobo’ (seen above) wasn’t nearly capable enough of inducing nervous catatonia among all who laid eyes upon him, Mexican club Lobos BUAP have gone and given their furry little sidekick a truly harrowing makeover.

As of next season, the Liga MX side will be geed on from the sidelines by this god-forsaken 8-foot animatronic nightmare…

Photo: @herculezg/Twitter

Now there’s the face of a man whose being sized up by a gigantic werewolf…

In case you were wondering, yes Lobos 2.0 does have functioning jaws that are capable of crushing human bone to get at the delicious marrow inside…

We’re instantly reminded of Club Tijuana Xolos and their huge dead-eyed ‘hell hound’ mascot.

Hells bells. Aren’t football mascots meant to be cuddly little foam-rubber chums for kids to wave at and take pictures with?

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