Peru: FBC Melgar Benefit As Sudden Outbreak Of Bamboozling Defensive Nonsense Results In Exquisite Own-Goal (Video)

Chris Wright

27th, September 2018

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FBC Melgar strengthened their place at the summit of the Peruvian Primera Division Clausura table on Wednesday evening with a 2-1 win over Sport Rosario.

It took a 95th-minute penalty to seal the victory for Melgar, perhaps because they were still collectively in shock over the manner in which they took the lead roughly an hour earlier.

To say that Rosario’s defence probably won’t want to see this utterly fantastic passage of nonsense again is a weapons-grade understatement…

In case you were wondering, the architect of the chaos was Rosario defender John Carlos Tapia (No.22) who – quite rightly – was officially logged as the scorer of the own-goal, but only after his glorious, triumphant air-shot had failed to connect.

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1 Comment

  1. Murray says:

    As if the OG wasn’t crazy enough, I’m noticing two balls on the pitch at the beginning of the video.

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