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8 Responses to “Video: John Terry’s Suave One-Handed Beer Catch”

  1. oller says:

    co-ordination of a professional athlete right there….

  2. Quincy says:

    Maybe he should participate in the “Men with talent” >

  3. Chris says:

    @Quincy: Brilliant!

  4. Squelch says:

    Why couldn’t someone through a brick instead?

  5. mizman says:

    I would say that was briliant but he is a w****r so i wont. That linked video is awesome btw!

  6. Boston Red says:

    I hope it was full of piss.

  7. Limeson says:

    How Australian is the guy behind the camera? Good on him

  8. Monoonie says:

    whaha xD
    that Vid is briliant!
    John is love <3 however, Franks drinking the can right?

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