World Cup Video: District 9 Parody – ‘District 11 – World Cup Aftermath’

Ollie Irish

2nd, July 2010


By Ollie Irish

I haven’t yet seen District 9 – I know, I know – so I have little idea if this is spot-on or wide of the target. Perhaps those of you who have seen the original can tell me…

Thanks to Nay for the tip.

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  1. Fredmeister says:

    Absolutely Spot on, thats awesome!

    Its a cracking film Ollie, get thee to your DVD player!

  2. Zedie says:

    @ Friedmeister – I concour.

    Ollie, get this film!! Top class. In fact, im off to watch it now!!!

  3. Will says:

    Yeah, this is full-on awesome.

    And you definitely need to see the inspiration. Killer film.

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